"Glenn Beck" Tops "Family Fued " survey about making out in a car.

Survey says...WTF?! Now I didn't actually watch Family Feud when this was a question, but I came across an article mentioning it, and I feel I have to share it here


I posted a link to the article, which features a video from the episode of Family Feud. The Question was "Name something in a car two lovers may accidently turn on while making out", and the number one answer was "Glen Beck/Radio." That may be a crazy answer, but I for one, am glad the question wasn't "Who would you want to make out with in a car?" On the other hand though, the answer, in some context,  could be misconstrued as "Glen Beck gets turned on by lovers making out in a car." (I apologize for any unpleasant mental images that may conjure up.)

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