(Global) Teen Challenge? More about Indoctrination into Christian nonsense than Helping Youth Recover?

I've been reading the promos and details on Teen Challenge's websites.

Along with some of the stories coming out about the indoctrination practices within.

It appears to me that Teen Challenge is more about indoctrinating children into Christianity than actually helping them get free of drugs.

Their methods of using religion to reduce drug addiction and even attempts to convert teens from being gay to straight, would leave a bitter taste in any self respecting psychologist's mouth.

Evidently blind faith went into forming their approach, more than proper consultation with psychology experts.

They also appear to be linked in many places to an indoctrination based education institution known as Grace Academy(ies), which teach everything, especially history from a Christian bias, thus not learning any real history at all.




It appears that Indoctrination is at least, if not more important than helping these troubled youth.

There needs to be better Secular assistance for such ventures, as they may get some off drugs, for a while, but ultimately, they are damaging these poor youthful minds in the process.

As religion poisons everything!

Especially the minds it indoctrinates.

Here is a mission statement:  


We are committed to starting indigenous programs in every community where there is a problem with drugs, alcohol or other life-controlling issues. Our goal is to create locally sustainable programs where men, women, boys, and girls find lasting freedom from addiction and discover the life-changing power of Jesus Christ."

That cannot be anything more than an admission of their aim to proselytize and indoctrinate their victims.

Some countries are even stupid enough to actually have their law courts sentence problem youth into such indoctrination and the outcomes are so often poor to seriously bad.

Global Teen Challenge needs to be canned for what it really is.

A Global Christian Youth Indoctrination Agency!

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