I have recently become aware of two camps of thought with regard to global warming/climate change, niether one relating to religion vs science. On one side is the internationally recognized theory of rapid devastating change and on the other a token uncertainty of the actual changes occuring in terms of what effects we may be facing and how quickly they will emerge.

As a "regular sort" I don't really know a lot of the science involved with our changing conditions and so I guess that puts me in between the two in this arguement. They both have very valid points and the answer to this riddle is important- so what do you all think?

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And pray tell me what bias do you perceive academia has, not money, not fame, hmmm.

Of course there's good science and bad science, if you don't realize this maybe you shouldn't be in a scientific debate at all...
These comments are uncalled for, Larry. TNT has neither said nor implied any such things. Respect is a two-way street, Larry. I have yet to see a thread where you didn't unload your trademark sarcasm first. There's a fine line between being charmingly crotchety and just being a jerk.
I have read every post on this thread. I'm not inclined to re-read them all because you ask me to. In any case, it wouldn't do me any good to show you examples of where you say annoying or offensive things with no provocation, and then get pissed off at those who take offense, further fanning the flames you ignited. You can't see your own bad behavior, Larry. If you didn't learn how to do that in kindergarten, it's too late now.
You didn't act nicely either.
Don't Don't declare for what you know in your heart is right John D., go with the herd.
Astounding conclusion:

I read in the news today that this is the "hottest decade" on record. Bear with me here while I flesh out my thoughts.

If this is true, and I don't doubt it, then it has to be put in context:

4.3 billion years ago the earth was a fiery mass of atoms...correct?

So, it has been cooling ever since...correct?

The RATE of cooling is so slow as to almost indescerinable and yet we have observed it in just 10 YEARS! And in that 10 YEARS, it has risen! not declined!

Conclusion: We are looking at one of the most dramatic and rapid climate changes in the history of the planet.
Uh - while I totally agree with your overall perspective on the matter, I have to take issue with your line of reasoning here. It pains me to go here because GW deniers are going to latch onto this as if there is a direct correlation between the warming at the end of the ice ages and now. (ah, well, the perils of intellectual honesty ...)

So, it has been cooling ever since...correct?

Actually, proper context is what you have not put it in. Hottest decade 'on record' (how many is that - even if it were 100 decades it would not be a fair context.) Surely 100 decades ago, the earth was hotter than say 1,200 decades ago when ice was carving out the great lakes and homo sapiens had not quite 'arrived' on the scene. So, using the 'context' of 'recorded history' vs. 'earth's entire history' it has NOT been cooling the whole time.

Your conclusion, however, is right on the money. The post ice age warming shows no evidence of such a rapid climb.

I seldom mispell anything.
Er, you mean like "misspell", or was this a joke?
You guy's fucking kill me. lol

That is some good data btw Ogden.
It was a joke Jason...glad you caught it...most don't.
there would be no smokers, obese people, alcoholics, impulse counters, tabloid magazines, unintended pregnancies, suicides, reality TV shows, or poor Republicans.

All of the above are the epitomes of self interest. Our brains are hard wired for instant gratification, those provide them, and most human brains are not critical enough to turn down these vices and see the longlife over the short term. Our brains aren't as powerful as we like to delude ourselves with :)

Which is especially relevant with newborn atheists, as they suddenly think denying gawd proves they have brains, it don't. Even that is self gratification.




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