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Engineered maize toxicity claims roundly rebuffed

MONSANTO, the giant of genetically modified crops, has for the first time been forced to release raw data from toxicology studies it carried out on three strains of its modified maize. An external analysis of the data claims it shows that eating the maize could result in damage to the liver and kidneys, but this has been dismissed as unsupportable by a government agency and independent toxicologists...

read the article here
It seems that there is not clear answer. We are surrounded by chemicals, some good and some bad, but it all tends to depend on the individual, right?
In the 3rd world I suppose a "risk" of chemicals is better than starvation and certain death.
Yeah, this is where the debate gets nauseating. There have been many instances of GMO crops harvested and ready being dumped instead of sent as emergency famine relief due to the activities of activist hysterics. Evidently starvation of unknown brown people is an acceptable price to pay for the cause.

Of course now is about the right place in the thread for anti-corporate demonologists to chime in about the dangers of crippling local farmers, forcing them to use GMO seeds blah, blah, blah, so just don't. Go away. There is nothing you can tell us we aren't aware of already. Take it to the zeitgeist folks.
Except for the fact that even small farmers make more money off GMO seeds (more crop in smaller area), so that's not an issue. I suppose some people may want a choice of what to buy, and that's fine...they just have to be willing to pay more for the heritage produce. Or better yet, grow it themselves.

I know some like to make it more complicated, but it isn't. And if one GMO crop is dangerous, you simply move on to one that isn't. Again, not rocket science.
"Danger" is relative and not very important when people around you are dying where they fall.
Absolutely (^_^)
Being an anti - GMO fanatic is a luxury of the well fed.
what a true statement that is
I think this is true of a lot of dietary choices.
I think the anti - GMO people are both ignorant and arrogant. Like all fanatics they are very good at cherry picking data. To my knowledge there was no adverse effects from eating the Starlight corn and it was consumed by millions before they recalled it.
Forget GMO for a second. We subsidize farmers to not grow corn in order to keep prices viable. We could have them grow it and send the surplus to starving nations and still keep first world prices viable. In the meantime, we still grow so much corn (pretty 'genetically altered' by grafting and pollen management, BTW) so that we have plenty to make ourselves obese on by putting high fructose corn syrup and corn-based filler in all our empty junk food calories. THEN, when we start to use some to make alternative fuels - it's blamed for deepening food shortages.


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