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Shimkus is an abject moron.  Which is probably an insult to all the legitimate morons out there.  I live in the Congressional District in Illinois right next to Shimkus' (about 10 miles away from the boundary).  So, I get to see some of his handiwork.  It's certainly nothing to write home to Ma about.  Ohh, and did I also mention he is a boldfaced liar?  When he first ran for office, he promised the voters he would only run for two terms (when term limits was a hot topic in politics).  He's now on his 7th term and running for re-election.  One of his greater "claims to fame" while in the House of Representatives was concealing evidence of the pederast Mark Foley (house page scandal) from other House members.  He's a Prince, alright!  Right along with Fido, Bowser, Spot and Rover.
Is it possible that God and NASA are... one in the same!?!

I doubt it; NASA's track record far exceeds God's when you look at improving the general welfare of humanity.




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