During the seventh-inning stretch of every home game both the Dodgers and Yankees play God Bless America. I think every team does this on Sundays. I watch most of the baseball games I watch on my Apple TV. Whenever a game goes to a commercial break Apple TV goes blank. But whenever God Bless America is played the song is broadcast.


It’s a small thing but it demonstrates how pervasive religion is in our society today. We are hit over the head with religion everywhere.     

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I remember them singing take me out to the ballgame at Candlestick park.  That was more fun and appropriate. 

Seconded, and FAR MORE FUN!  I still remember Harry Cary conducting a sing-along at Wrigley Field, and I hope they're still doing it.

I don't make it to Progressive Field here in Cleveland often enough to know what the tradition (if any) is there.

They started that after 9/11. I thought it was weird even while I was still religious.

I dunno. Maybe if we had another patriotic song that wasn't Yankee Doodle maybe we'd sing that.

Instead we get the National Anthem and God Bless America, and we already sing the National Anthem at the start of the game.

JLC is right, it was started following 9/11 on orders of "Larry" Bud Selig, Acting Commisioner for Life.

In St. Louis for the longest time (when Anheuser-Busch owned the team), instead of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, the Cardinals would play the Budweiser jingle Here Comes the King at the seventh-inning stretch. Still a great tradition there, became the city's fight song for a good portion of the 80s and 90s.

Well it started with the Yankees. The Phillies did not do it until the 2008 World Series (they have been doing it ever since). The Cubs still do TMOTTBG and not GBA. I don't know about the other franchises.

it's all corporate bs... closet or in-the-hide-gay guys... baseball's done-been corrupted decades ago with enhancement drugs and corporate sponsored bs.. all privatized to death I"m sure..

no offense to homosexuals but that televised game is just too metrosexual for me.. megh...

btw irish rules football aka gaelic is the shit

I actually prefer Australian Rules football myself - kind of like Gaelic football. In fact, the AFL and GAA play a hybrid series each October called International Rules; this year's is being hosted by the GAA, I think.


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