I saw TV news today and I cringe when Dr. Kent Brantly said about curing his Ebola disease

An American doctor who was cured of Ebola repeatedly thanked God for what he believes was truly a miracle recovery.

“God saved my life. A direct answer to thousands and thousands of prayers,” said Dr. Kent Brantly.

Really? God saved his life?   How? He must be delusion with experimental drugs.  Bad press conference.


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The same God that gave him ebola to begin with. What a nice God!

He gives you a disease where you're bleeding out your pores, eyeballs and a$$, your organs being slowly eaten away by parasites, but then he gets bored and decides to move on to something else. Oh yeah, journalists praying not to be beheaded today......

What a jokester that God is!! LOL!!

Christine, I have to say, I sure love your snarkiness!  lol

Christine, that's funny and the same way l feel about it.
God is kinky. He likes to make people sick just so he can cure them. He must be a real devil in bed.
He may as well have just came out and said it - "God loves me better than poor Africans".

What kills me about this whole business is that, as a result of Brantley's and Writebol's treatment, new protocols have been developed which may be useable in Africa to deal with the Ebola issue there.  That wasn't any god working but a bunch of doctors and nurses and research and support staff!

I wouldn't say that god works in mysterious way...Dr. Brantly works in mysterious ways.

A doctor??? Really??? I need to read more about this guy. Maybe it's only a doctorate in say...sociology...or anthropology. If he's actually an MD, there's something I want to know. So every time he ever treated a patient, credit for a cure goes to god? What the heck does anyone need him for then?

Wait, I thought about it for a couple of seconds and it came to me. They need him because only he can make the connection to god. Only he can make the plea, in the right way, make the right sacrifices (I'm grasping at straws here) to convince god to cure you. In other words, he's a shaman...or a witch doctor...or whatever they call that type of humanitarian in that part of the world.

I commented on FaceBook about this silly man. Actually, he is not much different from my dermatologist who slices skin cancers off my face while we listen to his tapes or CDs of "sermons" by Joel Osteen. Both are a disgrace to reason. You might think that men of science trained as they were in the scientific method would have learned, somewhere along the way, about the perils of post hoc reasoning. Someone should instruct all of them, Dr. Brantley included, in the logical fallacies. This might prevent them from making ludicrous statements such as the doctor's claim that the thousand who prayed for him made God cure the missionary's ebola. My observations; (1) how selfish he is and how un-Christian, to have thanked the same God who is killing hundreds (soon to be thousands) of Africans; (2) how childish to assume that because a large number of people are praying for you, it will do any good -- isn't he aware of the studies of persons with mortal illnesses having died in hospital in greater numbers than those not prayed for; (3) pity he never learned God is non-existent: the only god there is is the one between Dr. Brantley's ears, and, finally, (4) if God exists, his or her name should be changed. The only constant in change, and it is chance that placed Brantley in America and hundreds of dying Africans in the Dark Continent. Why don't people worship Fortuna?

As in:

Oh, Fortuna!
Velut Luna!
Statu variabilis!

That from the Carmina Burana?

You betcha!  Sang it in high school, never forgot it!

Why did God choose to cure HIM? What about all those other people? Oh, they're not Americans. So of course. /sarcasm




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