Hello everyone.

I just found this site and simply had to post something on this blog to inform everyone of a fun project my friend Dan and I have started.

We're trying to collect definitions of god from all over the world pretty much to show everyone how ridiculous the concept is when you really consider everyone's opinions.

Check it out:


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Are you a non-theist? Is this your introduction?
I did just call God ridiculous and made an entire website mocking the idea of god so you tell me, ha.
Sorry. It was an ADDled day.

Welcome to Atheist Nexus!
:) thanks and no worries, they told me i had ADHD when i was a kid too. you should really check out the site when you have a minute. it's a constant source of laughter for me. essentially started as a collection of text messages between my friend Dan and I just making fun of the daily absence of god. it somehow evolved into this and now we're trying to mix up the def's so we keep getting ones from believers to make it look balanced. (we find those fun too)

I dig your cat pages by the way!




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