Yesterday a fire struck Chicago's (Catholic) Holy Name Cathedral. (Chicago being a big Irish and Catholic town, you can bet your sweet whatever that firefighters made a superhuman effort to fight the fire.)
The fact that God does not/cannot protect his "house" never seems to shake anybody's faith. It's always "Thanks to Got that it wasn't worse," or "Praise God that no one was hurt," or "Praise God that more people were not hurt."

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I've noticed that as well...It's jus disgusting.
He doesn't protect against Black Metallers thats for sure.
If it's true that churches burn more often than could be expected from chance, it might be because their steeples and the crosses atop the steeples act as lightening rods.
Plus, churches tend to be older buildings, built when the electrical standards weren't as stringent. Not to mention they are constantly lighting candles.
Of course "God" does not protect his house, he is too buy punishing New Orleans for hosting gay pride parades.
funny. God doesn't seem to bother my home town of San Francisco.
Says the San Andreas fault resident.
Who was San (Saint) Andreas, and why is it his fault? :)
Which reminds me-- when we atheists rule the world, we gotta change all the place names with San and Santa (saint)--think how many there are!-- plus all the Church Streets, etc. Around here they like to name streets and roads after priests and bishops. Oughta be illegal.
Nnext time a church burns we should say god is punishing the xtains for being sp loud mouthed.
One comforting story about the recent fire disaster in southern Australia is that in one of the decimated townships where most of the homes were burnt to the ground, including the church, the only building left standing and unharmed was the pub.




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