We can go round and round about the existence of god but for me the existence of a supreme being is doubtful and the notion that this supreme entity being benevolent is even more doubtful.

The danger of faith in something probably doesn't exist makes people stupid, easily led,and dangerous. e.g. Muslims and Fundamentalist Christians. When that belief in something as depraved as the god of Abraham seeps into people's brains nothing good can come of it. There are many dangerous myths that harm humanity.

I study Biblical Christianity because it mostly impacts upon the Western world. I don't think Jesus Christ actually existed because during the first century of Christianity there was no mention of Jesus by the very early Christians who probably were not the obnoxious hypocrites that subsequent generations of Christians were. Christianity may have merely been a philosophy.

I write songs and some of those songs take a shot at the Christian god/myth. I wrote and recorded it as a finger in the eye of Christianity's marketing squad. The less people who buy into bullshit the better and the less people who buy into dangerous bullshit, even better. Even the fairytale of the Judeo/Christian god is a fraud.

If the God idea is defeated things can only get better for all humanity.

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Here is an orchestrated version.

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