There are times when we can't help it but to say something like "oh my god!" or "dammit!". While this is certainly not a sign of us being religious it is a little bit annoying. I mean while we all are pretty sure that our mind is free from superstitiousness it is very often that we use all those trivial expressions and idioms in times when there is no time to come up with something better. I personally think this is not right. I think we should not allow Him to sneak into our lives through these seemingly innocent but in fact quite dangerous linguistic wormholes.

There is another thing also: what if after we stop attracting His attention to our tiny little problems He will actually find some time to work on bigger issues like for example averting global warming or solving energy crisis :-))?

Anyway, I made a little webpage here where anybody interested can propose his/her solution to this problem.

What do you thing about this idea?

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We Can Say this

Cute pic!

Perfect!! :-))

Thanks for the website link. I'll look at your website and come back with more feedback. I know some of that language is habit. You just have to be more aware of what you are saying. I actually don't say those phrases myself if I can help it.

Oh my Hawking's chair!

LOL.  Your godfreelanguage site has the potential to be quite funny.  I added a couple. 

Like others, I use these words secularly. If religious folk hear me say it and get the wrong idea, that doesn't bother me that much either.  I even say god bless you by accident on a regular basis.  Bad atheist, bad! 

This topic has come up a lot. My thoughts on whether that language is dangerous is evolving.  I used to think it was, but now I feel like we will evolve away from it and they will become legacy idioms sort of like "by Jove" etc... 

The point is that it is so natural to use those words. Remember the situation when you only have a millisecond to select between "oh my god" and "WTH?". We have a powerful language why is it then that we are in such a luck of choice? And why are all the best spots already reserved by heavens? I don't like the option to use f**k every time (although it is tempting). I guess man is capable of something better.

> May her particles fly freely through space
> by hedwig

:-) this one is cool!!

Interesting but I don't really worry about purging my vocabulary or every reference. I'm certainly not going to use government given right as a replacement for god-given right. When someone says something is a god given right they mean the right is innate. What if the government revokes a right you think is innate?

You couldn't call it a government given right anymore.

Yeah, I sometimes hurl a "goddamn!" or "god fucked up!" at someone or something.

Judges who fear the wrath of xians have ruled that a kind of civil (non-proselytizing) religion exists and merits First Amendment protection.

My "goddamns" et cetera are either civil or uncivil.

To capitalize the "g" or not? I'll go along with the usual rules.


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