Frontline is starting a new series tonight titled "God In America". Looks to be an interesting look at the history of religion in America

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I saw the first two episodes online. It's nice to get a history lesson now and then. What I got out of the episodes was a better understanding of the different types of Protestant denominations and how they treated one another. When the professor said that Thomas Jefferson's anti-theism was a misperception, I tried to come up with quotes that proved the contrary, but didn't get any from the top of my head. I noticed how grand, sweeping music played when it talked about Protestants flourishing in the new world or when they were battling the Catholic bishop, and suddenly there is silence when they talk of Native Americans' religion. Yeah, I know I'm being picky here. Perhaps the sound of nature was the best theme suited for the Native Americans' religions.
Anyways, I hope they give as much thought into the ambiance when they speak of other religions, namely Judaism and Islam. I wouldn't be surprised if they just casually mention atheism.
I tried to watch it, but was so distracted by the A/N message board, that I missed half of it. The parts I did catch were a good reminder of just how abusive, dogmatic and divisive the history of religion is in the US.
What censored video?
I saw about half of the episode last night. Atheism or secualism was largely dismissed. I think PBS is under pressure not to offend the bigoted fundies by mentioning the viability of godless sluts like me (and half the population of the West).
I'm sorry to hear that.

Can you access and view it online directly from PBS website?
FFRF has posted a complaint about the lack of almost any mention of the efforts made to keep "god" OUT of the constitution:

Why are the sheep glorified and the thinkers ignored or minimized?

And, Daily KOS:

Some of the comments following Clarkson's article point out how much money PBS now gets from corporate Tea Baggers like the Koch Brothers instead of from the viewing public and taxpayer funds.

I don't know what anybody can do about it except complain, complain, complain to PBS and your local stations.

Seeing the kind of...uhhh...pap that's shown on PBS these days, I sometimes wonder if Carl Sagan's flat statement, "Evolution is a FACT," would have been edited out of the final broadcast version of "Cosmos" if it were to be in production today.




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