I knew that would get your attention. If you are like me, you have probably learned the best way to get people to deconvert is to agree with them then mess with their minds.

One of the keys to improv comedy is the word "AND". It actually works great in deconversion routines as well.

Comedy routine:
actor 1: you are stupid as a brick
actor 2: AND I am still 3 times smarter than anyone in your family.

You don't argue back. I have this IQ, member of this group, my degree is from here, blah blah blah. Heck no don't fight. Agree with them, take their comment, light it on fire, and throw it back at them.

Deconversion routines:
1) Athiests are immoral scumbags, christians have the true morality. They should follow us.
2) AND I agree whole heartedly. Do you think I can come to your school and help spread the word about the true 10 commandments. You know the REAL ones that Jesus agreed with. Everybody knows that moses broke the first set and nobody heard of those, they didn't even agree, that's why moses through them right? (get them agreeing with you). (maybe even get an Amen brother) [he he he he...]
I think the world should live by the REAL 10 commandments that moses delivered, the people accepted, and Jesus accepted. (let me get another amen ... yeah). [he he]

Now here is the important part, you want to quote some information accurately, some inaccurately, and some really fuzzy (no lying, but you can pick parts of quotes out of context). Remember, the key here is to agree with them, but you want them to go and personally read the portions of the bible you are quoting to them.

You might be tempted to make everything you say perfectly correct. Don't. Let yourself be a little sloppy, because that is bait. They have to come back to you to correct you. And to correct you, they have to be in agreement with the statement you engaged them in. (eeewww, aren't we sneaky)
===end comment, we continue our story===

... I think the real 10 commandment should be posted in every hospital and grocery store. I mean the they say the every first born male ox or cattle should be sacrificed to god. I think every child should be taught how to break the neck of cattle for the weekly sacrifice. God was very serious in this, he said you cannot come empty handed, otherwise you have to sacrifice your first born son.
I really think the way Jesus supported the commandments about having your sons and daughters go whoring in support of the many other gods in existence. I don't think Christians do enough whoring.

(just check out Exodus 34. Their is such a rich playground there.)

Here is the trick, if they are arguing the points in exodus 34, they are denying exodus 20.

===there are so many areas that you can agree with
=== when you are done, they will have smoke coming out their ears

Here are some favorites of mine:
* Jesus steals corn/grain,
* Jesus kills a fig tree for not having figs (out of season)
* Jesus gets chased out of town for killing a bunch of pigs
* Jesus disciples carried swords and even cut off a guys ear
* Jesus had his friend Solome kill John the Baptist, then Jesus immediately gathers a meeting with John's leaders.

I love to agree with them. They just don't see these "facts" coming and "wham", hits 'em sideways. I ask them if they will come and tell some of my friends about christian morality.

Agreement and stacking are powerful tools. Use their faith against them. They don't believe because of science or argument, so that are not going to lose their believe because of science or argument.

I am always looking for some good quotes to fry some brains. Any body have some good ones to share?

have fun....

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The skeptics annotated bible is a great resource for some material for those looking for a place to start.




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