God's Not Dead 2 : Another dumber than dumb Xtian flick on the way.

Like 'God's Not Dead' v1, this flick is also totally divorced from all reality.

Stars Melissa Joan Hart (from Sabrina the teenage witch) and Hayley Orrantia , whom I've never seen

It presents a one-eyed, delusional look at what Christians think is religious persecution. As if making Christianity play in a level field with all the other religions is persecution, Ha Ha.  That's narcissism on the part of Christianity and they are showing that American Christians are nothing more than megalomaniacs (like their god).

Like the first flick, it presents straw man atheists and a fallacious, never to be realized in actual reality, scenario.

Here is a Patheos analysis of the plot.

Fact is that if a Bible  passage were read in a secular class, nothing would be thought of it.

 Even if the teacher were full on proselytizing as  the teacher in the promo was not, it would go no further than the school head and an internal warning, or simply having the teacher removed from active teaching.

Many passages in the Bible are considered as great literature and poetry, the Bible is not condemned by atheists for it's literary structure and skills of the scribes, it is only condemned because it does not measure up to reality.   We atheists still appreciate the clever writing and poetic skills.

Most of us would not take Bible's out of  the libraries of schools, as reading the Bible closely is how many of us became atheists in the first place.  The Christians producing this nonsense flick, are ignorant of these facts, and it shows markedly in the shallow, entirely ignorant plot.

There is no way that in a rational secular  education system, such a case would ever go to trial.

These  "God's Not Dead" flicks only go to demonstrate to the rest of the world how Ignorant of Reality and Extremely Retarded, American Christians truly are.  

Essentially to Atheists, these movies are retarded comedies, produced by completely retarded and naive people.

This is why this discussion is under Comedy. 

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Retarded?  Absolutely.  Comedy?  Sorry, bro, I ain't laughin'.

I find it funny that people actually believe such nonsense and that v1 made the box office.  My friends found that hilarious.  I didn't see it as being that funny either.

So, I think horror movies like Exorcist are hilarious, cannot stop laughing through them, same here, every fallacy has me rolling with laughter.

The sad bit is, that American Christians lap it up.

That is what is sad about America.

It's a very sick country indeed.

Having psychotic retards like Ted Cruz running for presidency instead of locked away in a psycho facility, proves this.

I suppose I can see it as a comedy, due to Australia's distance from the nonsense.

Nobody here takes such movies seriously, well 95% of us don't, the 5% that may are not worthy of consideration by anybody.

DD, I start off with a near-non-existent sense of humor to begin with, certainly as it comes to humor at another's expense.  Then I have to look at the misogynistic clown car which the GOP is fielding for president, and I find myself reaching for the Pepto before you can blink.

Pardon my French, but I Have To LIVE With These Fuckers, even if they don't get elected ... so no, I don't see it as remotely funny.  What I and many others have to do is rally against them to insure that they don't get the power they so anxiously covet.

How can someone or something be dead that never existed? 

LOL, by the same token, how can something be 'not-dead' that was never alive to begin with?

There is a false assertion fallacy there somewhere???   

Aye!   :-D~

This movie can be summed up in two words without my even needing to watch the entire movie, just simply from the plot.

Fallacy Soup!


The ultimate impact of this mindset, Daniel, is that it elevates the followers to the level of the leader.  "Look at me, I'm being persecuted – Just Like Jesus Was!"  This whole business is currently being exacerbated by the rise of atheism and the decline of christian privilege.  That fall from relative affluence gives them yet another reason to feel put upon and therewith to complain about it.

My bet is that things will get a lot noisier on this issue before they get quieter.

Loren, I join your bet "that things will get a lot noisier on this issue before they get quieter".

Time to bring out the cheese for the whine! 

Daniel, powerfully stated. Behavior that is rewarded is repeated. If being persecuted is to live in imitation of the crucified Christ, and if they feel rewarded, they will repeat the behavior. 


"Joan, when you are being beaten, you are living your life in imitation of the Crucified Christ. Of all women, you are most blessed! Rejoice in your crucifixion!"

~ Rev. Richard C. Halverson, The Soul of the Senate



Well said, Daniel. 

Those fun-loving nuns in Catholic school used to teach us that The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.




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