i was thinking about this last night right before i feel asleep, in the old testament when god is unhappy with a person or a group of people he simply just kills them, even if it is for something as small as not being circumcised, anyways, are there any instances of god mass murdering people before the start of Christianity?

this is kinda a blank thought but it was fun to kick around the old noggin for a bit so i thought some of you would have fun with it to

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Um, not sure what you mean. All of the old testament is pre-christian and all the wrath of god mass murder buisiness is in the OT. Did you mean AFTER the start of Christianity?
As far as I can tell, after the Big Guy sent his Son (himself) down to earth to get nailed to a tree for our sins his bloodlust seems to have evaporated. Perhaps all of those OT smitings and slayings were just the result of a mis-directed masochism.
so.... god makes a human version of himself and then kills it.... so he wont have to kill other humans anymore?

how does that make any sense at all!? people believe in this crap!! xD!!
You got it.

But don't forget, he brought himself back to life 3 days later, then floated off to the sky. And they celebrate it by eating crackers that really turn into his flesh (doesnt specify what part. I hope it's not the you-know-what) and drinking wine that really turns into his blood. Unless you're Baptist, then it's grape juice and it's symbolic, not really body parts and blood. Now that you more of the story, I hope that it makes more sense to you. You gonna convert to Christian now?
oh yes, i have seen the light!! im gonna go eat some flesh and drink some blood now xD

isnt that why people hate satanists?
the whole cannibalism thing....
They don't like the competition.
I'll take an order of Jesus bacon with a side of Jesus wings.
Does that come with the Jesus blood wine?

The bible is so hilarious to me... I'll let you in on a little secret...

As a kid, I was originally Agnostic until I read the bible, that's when I became an Atheist.
Although God got his jollies killing in the OT, don't forget he kills us all at the end of the NT!!! What a wonderful guy to believe in! NOT!!!
After Jesus, god didn't have to kill people any more. His ardent followers have spent almost 2,000 years killing people for him.
Yep! Imaginary God does indeed kill people in Bible-land.

I know, I know. It's very upsetting to think that “God” and that son of his, “God,” murdered every single infant baby, toddler, and pregnant woman on planet earth by drowning during “Noah's Flood”. But, hey, they did it in an infinitely loving way, don't you know! That makes murdering every single baby in the world perfectly “okay”.

It's impossible for the two love Gods to be charged with “sin” for what they did because Christians say so. So what they did was neither evil nor “sinful”. Just search the “original” books of the bible for verification.

Oh shoot! There aren't any original books of the bible, are there? They've all been lost to the elements over time. Guess God and that son of his, God, didn't deem them them worth preserving, eh'?

You know what else is perfectly acceptable in Christian-land?

Why to love, worship, and adore the mass-murdering imaginary duo with all your heart. Touching, ain't it?

None for me, thanks. I have morals, you know!
This should be in the Comedy forum =P



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