Too many atheists get into arguments and too many theists claim that atheists think god does not exist.

But God really does exist, in the same way that Gandalf, Ulysses, Thor, Spiderman, Batman exist.

God is categorically, nothing more than another storybook hero.

This really puts the burden of proof onto theists to prove their God is more than a storybook character.

I never say or claim in writing that God does not exist, which peeves those theists attacking me with their straw-man concept of atheists denying the existence of God.

I simply state the fact that God is a storybook hero.

I will sometimes be more specific and state that Yahweh (YHWH) is a storybook character created by bronze age polytheistic Canaanite goat humpers along with their other Gods of Ba'al and YHWH's concubine / wife Asherah.

This is how I've stumped many theists in discussions and debates.
It is an approach they hate and they have no apologetics to counter my claim.

The BOP is entirely theirs to prove my claim wrong. :-D~  

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That Yahweh comes out of a storybook is inarguable.  Whether he's a hero or not?  Sorry but THAT one is too much of a stretch for moi!

LOL, Jews think YHWH is a hero, because he supposedly granted them land.
So while they claim Israel, they consider that as given to them by Gawd. 

Thus a hero, though according to their scripture, YHWH is nothing more than an omniscient malevolent baby, like an omniscient Donald Trump. :D 




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