God spoke to me today and said he was coming back at 12:30 eastern time today. Nah, just kiddin'.


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Ummm, Anthony?  Yer material needs work, dude ... seriously! [grin!]

@ Loren, LOL.

God's a comin'?  I just thought he was breathing real heavily.

@ Pat. LOL.

I thought it was Jesus that was supposed to come.  Again, even.

Where is money first mentioned in the Bible ?

Noah's ark: Skunks took their (s)cents. Frogs took their green backs. Ducks took their bills.

Why didn't they play cards on Noah's ark ? Because Noah sat on the deck.

Who was the greatest actor of all time ? Samson. He brought the house down.

Paging Henny Youngman!  We found who was stealing your material!!!

Louis Theroux did some funny documentaries on televangelists and apocalyptic groups. 

They're funny because with a straight face and in a friendly way, he makes the most sarcastic comments to the televangelists.  They don't bridle because he's just sooo nice about it.

One group made a prediction that NYC would be heavily bombed at a certain date.  So Louis Theroux goes to NYC on that date, then wearing a heavy helmet to guard against flying debris, he phones the group and says "I'm in NYC, everything seems to be fine ..."

They hung up on him :)

he did and this is no april nuthin.

Strange how christians obsess about abortion.  Their bible does not condemn it.  Their god even supported it.  Also here.

Thanks Sentient.  I'm glad to learn that the bible doesn't consider fetuses or less than one month old infants to be persons.  My eyes (and brain) must have been glazed-over when I read through that passage as a religious person.

Let me know when he shows up.  I have a few complaints about how he screwed things up.  And about how his followers behave.


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