Now this has been the classic excuse to do evil throughout history. From The Crusades,to The Inquisitions, to The Salem Witch Trials, all the way to September 11, people tried to justify these atrocities by claiming either it was God's Will, or doing God's work, or it was part of God's plan. Now George Zimerman is trying to justify his killing of Trayvon Martin by saying it was God's will for Martin to die. Now whether or not Martin was squeaky clean is irrelevant. The question is that why does an omnipotent being need mere mortals to do his dirty work?

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Something that doesn't exist can't very well take action for itself ... so obviously, others have to do it for him!

Simple as 3.1415926535897, right?  No???  Ohdarn...

It's basically the Nuremberg defense 'i.e. I was just following orders'. Strangely enough, nobody really thought that because the actions of the defendants there was a part of Hitler's plan, that this made them all okay. They instead had this peculiar notion that when a being has a plan that involves mass death and mayhem, then that being is evil, and anybody who intentionally assists it to fulfil such a plan is also behaving immorally. However, with many people, this all goes out the window if the being with the plan happens to have a whole bunch of magic powers - it doesn't matter how diabolical the plan might be, the fact that it originates from a being who can do a whole bunch of cool stuff merely by willing it, suddenly makes it becomes praiseworthy rather than reprehensible to assists such a being to have its will carried out. The only reason that the Holocaust was bad was because Hitler didn't have the ability to part seas, create universes, or turn water into wine, not due to any inherent wrongness of the actions. And that's the big danger of considering 'it was x's will that this happen' to be a justification for actions, it makes actions which would be considered reprehensible were they commanded by any other being to suddenly be okay.

The underlying assumption is that nothing can be done to oppose God's will and that we must accept such things. Such an attitude helps people to face situations where they have little or no control. Of course Zimmerman did have control over his actions and he is to blame at least in part for the results. He took it upon himself to patrol the neighborhood and he chose to arm himself. There is no way he can avoid responsibility.

Of course it was god's plan, a "real" christian living in Florida that could end up as a juror in Zimmerman's trial will see that immediately.  And of course his interview was with Faux I mean Fox News and as all "real" christians know Fox News is the network of the holy trinity.  Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto. You get to pick which one is the father, son and holy ghost or you can replace any or all with your choice.

I want to post a Hindu's take on "enlightenment" that is interpreted through fatalism or "God's will." Basically, the idea that, by metaphor, the entire universe is akin to a movie burnt to a DVD, and the entire movie has already been burnt, so while people believe they're "doing things" and "making choices," free will, in this perspective, is entirely an illusion. All that happens, according to Ramesh, has been predetermined throughout all eternity!

OH, and you've got to pay close attention, because he has an accent and no teeth!

The funny thing about "God's will" is, supposedly, everything is God's will, so then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People who claim to be acting on God's will don't realize that even if they do absolutely nothing at all, it would've still been God's will.


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