Isn't the obvious religious explanation for the storm that god wanted Obama to look presidential and thus get reelected?  How long before some televangelist comes forward with that explanation?

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I am thinking never.

Never going to happen. The evangelical religious explanation will be the same old crap that we've heard ad nausuem. God did this to smite the homosexuals, show his wrath with the godless path America is taking, punish us for having elected a socialist/communist/fascist/nazi Kenyan born muslim president, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, and barf, barf, barf. It's the same old one note song they constantly play out of tune.

Actually I'm surprised I haven't seen anything about god sending the storm to prevent little heathens from dressing up like ghouls and vampires to go tramping up and down the street demanding candy sacrifices.


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