The giant statue of Jesus along I-75 in Monroe, OH, known by the nicknames "Touchdown Jesus" and "Big Butter Jesus" (as made famous by the Haywood Banks song), burned to the ground Monday night after being struck by lightning. 





Church members expect the statue to be resurrected in 3 days.



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Great lyrics...thanks for sharing the music. "I can't believe it's not JESUS".
Maybe we should play dumb and use the anthropomorphic argument against members of the church to say it must have been divine intervention that burned the statue down.

My thought exactly. "Hey guys, Jesus here. A) What part of the 2nd commandment do you not understand? B) Could that statue possibly have been any more butt-fuck-ugly or goddamn tacky?"
Ding dong the gaudy statue is gone!

"I'm melting, I'm melting...."
I thought this headline was hilarious...

The two events are "probably not related". LOL
LA Times indeed wins best-headline award for this one! And this was a story that definitely begged for a creative headline.
But they buried the funny in the last line. This almost begs the Poe question of the LA times. hmmm.
From the looks of it, it looks like Jesus was expecting the lightning to hit him.
There is a sort of "bring it ON" look in his buttery eyes. I guess his dad was angry about something Jesus said/thought/did....his dad can sure have a bad temper! You can't get away with anything when you're the son of god.
Electricity puns... and I was getting all amped up on this current thread!
It wasn't God, it was Zeus baby! Zeus must be real!
Someone ought to give Zeus (or Thor) a map to Brazil. There's a pretty sizable monstrosity there just ripe for the picking ;-)
ya mean this one?



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