The giant statue of Jesus along I-75 in Monroe, OH, known by the nicknames "Touchdown Jesus" and "Big Butter Jesus" (as made famous by the Haywood Banks song), burned to the ground Monday night after being struck by lightning. 





Church members expect the statue to be resurrected in 3 days.



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Whoa, Fireproof Jesus? Must be wearing Ben Franklin underwear, while hiding a kite up his ass. :)
I've been offended twice daily by the eyesore this statue was for so long that I clapped with delight that it burned. I don't know what they expected, building a lightening rod and surrounding it with flammable materials. Most of the news stations around here felt the need to add "Of course, the Hustler store nearby was utouched..."

It's not even that people are anti-jesus or anti-religion (okay *I* am, but that's another story) but the statue itsself was simply grotesque and offensive and gaudy enough to be blasphemous in it's own right. Then they state that they are going to rebuild.. this "church", that represents tolerance and love in the name of some god they "have faith" in build their idols and refuse assistance to charitable organizations.. 250,000 us dollars for a statue that will run nearly 700,000 us dollars to rebuild.. shameful. christianity.. right.

One eyesore cruciFRIED..
The headline shudda said: Major League Jesus Brought Down by Lightening Tackle

Resurrected in 3 days? Who, besides me, would like to see the damn rock guarded against body snachers, better than it was the last time?
I thought the lightening would have passed right through the holes in his hands. Just like when he tries to eat M&Ms. Go figure!
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