Trying to sell paintings on craigslist and I get these from time to time:
(last time it was xbox)


I located the item you listed, and I've been doing
the same thing exactly since the US economy got all messed up. About 2 1/2 months
ago, aweful, but I had no choice but to sell my kid's Playstation
to make our house payment and it was absolutely the toughest time in my life.
Saying it hurt wouldn't even describe it,
but I had no choice except to make the house payment or we
would be on the street (I was already 3 months behind).
Thank God that will be the last time I have to
hurt my babies like that.

One of my cousins showed me how he's able to earn
a large income working on his home computer. I could not believe he would
share this with me in the 1st place, but I am truly thankful that I am sharing this with
everybody who needs help and who might be in the same situation.

Thank heavens it's easy or I wouldn't have been able to complete it, in addition
it is the most financially stable I have ever felt before. I promise you will
find this information worth the 30 seconds it takes to look it over.

Oh, there is the link:

Take care of yourself, and Bless You!

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It's sad that people fall for this.




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