On Tuesday, however, Pat Robertson said that God told him the nation's downfall would be triggered by an economic collapse. He suggested that God told him this would come about if Obama was elected to another term.


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Hey, wadaminit!  I talk to myself all the time, even answer myself ... but ain't no deity ever interrupted me ... and I'd kick his ass if he did!  [chuckle!]

who cares what he and his imaginary frriend dream up

How irritating. 

 I do not know who this Pat Robertson is, but sure seems to be great favoured one of god. From what god told this favoured one, it seems that god is very much worried about America. God is all ready to do much good for America but is handicapped by two things: he wants Obama out of his way and wants a big big prayer. God doesnt't have to worry at all as long as he has supporters like Pat Robertson.

You want a short course in Pat Robertson?  Have a look at this... and keep a barf bag handy!

MADHUKAR, you just posted a reply which used the word "god" five times. Even if you intended this as ridicule so subtle that context seems to matter, it sounds superficially like the spoutings of a believer. I have a strong negative reaction to language heavily larded with religious memeplexes.

Please try to find a way to express your ideas without relying on religious language.

I don't know what's worse, this idiot Roberston or the people who believe him and do what he says. 

i really worry about my country america. all concepts of god are imaginary, but the imaginary father images americans make all seem completely insane.and unchristian.

I agree with you, Carl. My concern is the amount of control that christianity has over people. I, personally do not understand it, but it makes for a scary place when people dictate their lives because of it.

Sandi, or maybe people pray to god and there is no one and nothing to listen. 

If there were a god and millions of starving people and people who have compassion pray to end hunger and hunger numbers grow, then that god is either lazy, or cruel, or powerless, or indifferent. If that is true, then what good is god? 

There is no god, period. No higher power, period. No one watching over us and caring for us, period. There is no "eye on the sparrow", period. 

What we do have are people with minds able to think critically, curiosity to explore the unknown, compassion for suffering, ability to rise above the level of beasts into a high plain of reason, vision, ability to solve problems and resolve conflicts, laws to protect people and property (not the other way around, hopefully), and people with determination to stand up to domination, oppression, exploitation, manipulation, and bullies. 

please tell me it isn’t mine

LOL thanks Charles..


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