The password will be "only sheep need a shepherd." The show is at the Theater UNDER St. Marks (#94 St. Marks Pl. between 1st ave and Ave A, closer to 1st) starts at 10:30pm, please feel welcome to bring literature about any atheist/humanist/freethinker organizations. The Chicken will put the literature in a prominent place. This show is blasphemous and smart. My atheist brothers and sisters will be pleased!

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is this in NYC? cause im upstate
It is in the NYC, for now, soon the world! There is a new sacred fairy tale in town, and it is a motherclucker!
I've seen it once and want to have a second coming. Cluckellujah!
This Thursday the 29th of January, at 10:30pm, No children allowed, we only brainwash adults!! For those of you who make NYC your home, there is a freethinker-friendly comedy, music blasphemous affair at the Theater UNDER St. Marks, #94 St. Marks pl., between 1st Ave and Ave a. USE THE ATHEIST PASSWORD "only sheep need a shepherd" to recieve free admission. The show feature a mock religious service as the centerpiece, with intelligent, and occasionally crude comedy. There is some of the best musicians, and performance art in the East Village on display as well.

God Tastes Like Chicken is waiting for it's natural athiest/freethinker audience
How was it? I want to see the play! (could not yesterday unfortunately)
When is this playing again?
it went quite well, and we ride again this thurs, the 5th of Feb, same time, same place, and the same deal "only sheep need a shepherd" will get you in the door free




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