I have a bit of a passion for comedy. On an unrelated note I have a bit of a passion for horror. I find it very entertaining to make people laugh or jump depending on the situation. And seeing how I don't think I possess the necessary literary skills to scare anyone with text alone, how about a humorous observation? Ever hear someone say that Christianity isn't a religion but a personal relationship with god? Please. These people don't have a personal relationship with god. They have a MySpace relationship with him. And god is the worst kind of MySpace friend because he hasn't updated his status in over 2000 years. And is anyone else chuckling over the whole Christmas thing? They say they don't know Jesus's exact birthday but theycelebrate it on the 25th of December. Think about it: they know what happens to you after you die but they admit they don't know their own savior's birthday.

Just some random thoughts I had that I hope you find amusing. I plan on moving to more serious discussions when I'm not half-asleep, but for now this is what I got for ya.

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