God the Schizophrenic: Why Would a Good God Demand That Abraham Kill Isaac?

Christians, Jews & Muslims can agree that God is good (some say "Great"). And that is about the end of it. The Jews and Muslims agree that they both came from a common Buy Bull (Mohammed borrowed from the same works in the Old Testament), and thus both semitic peoples accept the myth of creation and the fruits of the command to go forth and multiply. But herein lies God's Number One problem: his schizophrenia. We who believe the Buy Bull a work entirely of man's creation and not of Godd's can only find it ironic that Jihadists and Israelis are at each others' throats. And it is Isaac's throat we are talking about.

Only an evil God would demand that Abraham kill his own son. (Now that I think about it, what kind of figure should we emulate who would send his own son to earth only to be crucified? A parent like that should be reported to C.P.S.)  A good God would not fear his twin brother, Set/Typhon/Satan and would not have to command mankind to have no other God. A God who would be that insecure and paranoid (the Richard Nixon of deities) is not worthy of worship. As it is, we see how God also has developed multiple personalities and is a serial killer to boot. Abraham's descendents are Muslims and Jews and since they obviously do not get along, God at some point had a schizophrenic breakdown. God One demanded we worship Him as "God" and the other as his nemesis, "Allah." Both Abraham and Mohammed were mischievous pranksters whose legacy consists mostly of how foolish many mortals have shown themselves to be.

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What kind of god does all that?  How about a god who gives his creation free will, then realizes, "Holy shit!  They could IGNORE ME!  I got to scare 'em out of that!," and proceeds to jerk his creation around as only a jealous, insecure, power-hungry, and manipulative god would.

OR ... as a bunch of power-hungry MEN who aspire to the same abilities would.

If He's so good, why didn't He fix it where our free will is to always do good. The point made by Epicurius and Mackie, among others.

Or gives them free will then decides it doesn't like the way they are acting and destroys them all in a tremendous act of pure,unadalterated genocide......the flood! I can only wonder how many theist would convert to atheism if they only read their bible!

Now, you bring up an interesting aspect related to the scientific knowledge of the evangelical. They believe the world was created en toto about 5 or 6,000 years BCE. They also say God created the earth is six days and rested on the 7th. Now, if all the animals and birds and snakes and such were created together during the five day period, Noah would have had to take either two or seven pairs of every species, that would have had to include dinosaurs. (Genesis contradicts itself when it refers to "two" in one passage and 2X7 in another. Reading the Buy Bull is like making a "cut- up" slicing pages into quarters, then randomly mixing them, from works by sources so seemingly disparate as Dr. Seuss, William S. Burroughs, G. K. Chesterton, and either Anton Szandor LaVey or Aleister Crowley.)

Now, if Noah really had all those animals on board -- and scientists are discovering new species daily -- how big was the Arc? (a) 20 football fields long, (b) the size of Providence, (c) the size of Rhode Island, (d) can't say because the whole thing is a silly myth, or (e) none of the above. If you answered (e) you must be a member of the 700 Club.

Very nice........could not have said that better myself!

Thanks, kent I thompson.

Apparently, He just couldn't think of a more sensible way to prove that Abe truly loved Him. For an infallible deity, He's quite the idiot.

Duh! I mean, if God didn't already know Abe would obey him, He doesn't have much omniscience now, does He? But you see, He always likes to put us poor slobs through various ordeals just to please His capricious, arbitrary nature. The good die young and the bad live to old age. How many innocent children were drowned in the astonishing Indian Ocean tsunami, yet if you are reading this, why are you disinclined to mutter, "Thank God I wasn't visiting there at the time!" Rev. Hagee's claim that God sent Katrina to destroy gay-friendly New Orleans cannot explain why God did not send something to destroy, say, San Francisco ages ago. Or Provincetown. Or Key West. Or Palm Springs. Or Fire Island. Or WeHo. Or....

What kind of people would write that story?  What is their motivation?   My guess, submit fully to the god.  All that is precious to you, you owe to the god, and if he demands its return, you must submit.  The god seems to especially enjoy killing the most precious - kill the first born sons of Egypt, who did nothing wrong.  Kill all of Jobs children, innocent and precious, not in punishment even, but as an experiment to see if Job would be angry with the god who did that.

It makes some sense, when it comes to the preservation and proliferation of the religion.  Parents proud to have sent their precious children to die in religious war.  Parents reassured that their children will be embraced in the arms of jesus when they ascend to heaven.  No more worries about them, they are safe.  Parents supposedly proud and happy their sons, and daughters, blow themselves into hamburger  in suicide bombs for the jihad.  That spreads the religion, enforces it, makes it more powerful.

Really a pretty effective meme.

It is quite apparent from a reading of the Old Testament (and even the New) and the Quran that the Jew's and Muslim's imaginary God is evil. In fact, gnostics of the New Testament period believed that the God of the Old Testament was not the God of the New Testament, but some other evil God. Either way, there are no Gods, not any anywhere, but the Jews (joined by Christians also) and Muslims are fighting over fictive promises that have no substance. It is insane and inimical to the long term survival of humankind. That is why our duty is to continue to try as best we can to inculcate reason in the minds of all deluded people who believe in imaginary gods and devils and imaginary promises based on imaginary tales.

Thanks for bringing that ip about the gnostics. Very interesting info.




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