I was at the library the other day and I noticed this woman was staring at me.  I stared at her until she looked away.  A few minutes later she plopped her butt in the chair across from me and said, "God told me to talk to you."


I told her that I did not hear a damn thing, I saw no burning bush and if she wanted to talk to me, the proper protocol was to introduce herself and ask my permission to bother me and I also told her that she and her kind are rude and very disrespectful.


She tried to introduce herself.  I told her too late and get up before I put my foot up her butt so far that the twelve disciples will have to open up their mouths to dust the bottom of my shoe off.


The whole section busted out laughing.


Some nerve

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[sigh] Some people want to be SO SPECIAL ["How special?" asks Ed McMahon] that they want to be god's instrument, chosen by him to bring unbelievers to the light!

I can't help but notice that these same people tend to have no regard for other people's space or beliefs. Maybe that begs a question: does faith and talking to god obviate the need for decorum, respect and manners?

Loren is right -- some people will not respect other people's beliefs or lack of beliefs.

Sorry about you having to go through that.

 Yup...Their lives are so empty they have to puff themselves up by pretending some creator speaks to them.

A similar thing happened to my self and my daughter last week end. We were in our local library researching some Greek mythology. Minding our own and rather enjoying our selves we were approached by a rather stern looking guy who informed my daughter that "she should be reading her bible" and not the "herecy" we were studying. My jaw hit the deck and the effing rudeness of this aged tosser, I was speachless. My daughter found her voice, calmly,politely she informed the prat that " You keep preying and we'll keep evolving". This guy was almost appoplectic, a picture of purple indignation. I so wish I had got a photo but alas not. The guy was ejected from the library and I was told that it was not the first time he had done this.

What an excellent reply!  May I ask how old your daughter is? I'm guessing she is in high school?

My girl is at " secondry" school, I believe that is yhe U.K eqivilent. She started her first year there in september of this year.  Thankfully she like myself has a healthy scepticism of B/S faith.  One of her favorite lines from a song is David Bowie; " don't deceive with belief, knowledge comes with deaths release." from the album Hunky Dory. x

hrrmmm... was she attractive?
or a headhunter for the vatican? evangeli commi mobs out there... ?
ha either way that's a great gag; I mean...it seems the 'god' talk is a test for thieves to weasel their way in tight economic times, into the lives of those that are weak minded; to get exploited.
Telln' ya. vatican. mormons. they're legion now w/prolly scientologist wing as well.. they all have different names but pretty sure the CEO's of these faith orgs gather and figure ways to mess w/folks... Islam? well, seems like myopic through and through; culture/food is one thing; fooling folks and exploiting them is another

that is exactly, what I would also suggest.   Ecxept that I let the doctor decide, which special mental illness causes her halluzinations......

but calling this woman a schizophrenic is an insult to all atheistic schizophrenics.....

We must all remember;  One is never alone with schitsophrenia.


My first thought was bipolar. People in a manic episode can have what they think are spiritual revelations, and can be unaware of social boundaries.




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