I heard them all as a christian, and probably spouted off a few, but as an atheist those christian cliches have really started to bug me. Not like a mosquito bite on the back of your neck where no matter how much you scratch, it itches, but then after a bit it starts to bleed, but more like an annoying song that gets stuck in your head and the only way to get rid of it is by the sweet release of death.

"Let go and let God"
Really? Let god do what, exactly? Everything? Shit you're to lazy to do? I guess this probably has to do with letting go of problems and letting god take care of them, but isn't that really just ignoring your problems and hope they go away? So when your problems don't go away do you say, "I guess God is trying teach me a lesson"? Of course you do, because 7/12ths of christianity is making excuses.

OK, so that's the cliche that most gets on my nerves. Does anyone have any religious cliches that irritates the piss out of them?

Quick note: I realize that I'm not the sharpest tool in the knife drawer. I just thought you should know that I know that I am not. The sharpest tool. In the knife drawer.

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I told them I want to be donated to a body farm or to a medical school. But that won't stop them from having some form of a memorial service.
You will not be there to see it and even less to be bothered.
Sometimes pastors come across like slick sales using any oppurtunity to make a sale. I doesn't matter that your family member just died. Ghouls.

Here's another one: "God answers prayers, sometimes the answer is no."
And if the prayer is: Dear God, Please make all people christians before they die, then what happens? If the answer is No then God deliberately makes people go to hell? But I guess one couldnt corner God with logic rethoric, after all, he invented it. Hm does god ever wonder how he came about, I guess he cant remember that far back, even though he should be able to lol...
The one that really irks me was the little P.U.S.H movement at a lot of churches in my hometown! This of course stands for Pray Until Something Happens! I felt it was complete nonsense! Another one was the W.W.J.D thing going on back in the day also!
Push huh? Of course if nothing happens that's a sign, too.
I used to have those bracelets. >.>;;
Lol I never had one myself but I use to see a lot of folks with the bracelet and the one that goes around the neck! I have also seen a few people with the t shirts!!
One of the most notorious line is " Only god can judge me"!!
but I can judge other people all I want (Pouts)
"God works in mysterious ways." One of the great cop outs to explain atrocities that occur on a regular basis.
Or, "It's in god's hands now" which means things will go to shit real soon.
"Its in god's hands now" basically means "I have given up trying" or "I am no longer taking responsibility"




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