I heard them all as a christian, and probably spouted off a few, but as an atheist those christian cliches have really started to bug me. Not like a mosquito bite on the back of your neck where no matter how much you scratch, it itches, but then after a bit it starts to bleed, but more like an annoying song that gets stuck in your head and the only way to get rid of it is by the sweet release of death.

"Let go and let God"
Really? Let god do what, exactly? Everything? Shit you're to lazy to do? I guess this probably has to do with letting go of problems and letting god take care of them, but isn't that really just ignoring your problems and hope they go away? So when your problems don't go away do you say, "I guess God is trying teach me a lesson"? Of course you do, because 7/12ths of christianity is making excuses.

OK, so that's the cliche that most gets on my nerves. Does anyone have any religious cliches that irritates the piss out of them?

Quick note: I realize that I'm not the sharpest tool in the knife drawer. I just thought you should know that I know that I am not. The sharpest tool. In the knife drawer.

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Here's one that bothered the hell out of me. At the company where I work a woman was pregnant, the baby was born dead. It was my job to tell people what happened, so that no awkward situations happened. This one jack-off replied when I tole him, "You can't question the Lord's will." I wanted to beat him into a pulp.
For the love of FSM!!! That poor girl! Why didn't you?!
I need my job.
But I did finally get the chance to fire him. That was a great day.
Ahh that's great. Poor guy, but you really can't question the Lord's will. ;)
What kind of maniacs are you guys? I mean you want to beat the shit out of a guy because he dared pronounce words of "atheist blasphemy"?
I hate, "you're in my prayers", or "I'll pray for you", and I know these people don't really "pray". I want to see one of these people kneeling at the side of their bed at night saying " and god please cure my friends cancer".
That one grates on my nerves mo9re than all the rest combined... Oh, besides "Have a blessed day."
I have an xtain friend whop knows I'm an atheist,but she always ends her e mails to me with:"Be blessed."

*rolls eyes*
My response is generally "screw you, I don't need your prayers, worry about yourself"
I like to change the sayings by putting my name in. "Rob helps those who helps themselves." "In Rob we trust." Blasphemy is fun.




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