I heard them all as a christian, and probably spouted off a few, but as an atheist those christian cliches have really started to bug me. Not like a mosquito bite on the back of your neck where no matter how much you scratch, it itches, but then after a bit it starts to bleed, but more like an annoying song that gets stuck in your head and the only way to get rid of it is by the sweet release of death.

"Let go and let God"
Really? Let god do what, exactly? Everything? Shit you're to lazy to do? I guess this probably has to do with letting go of problems and letting god take care of them, but isn't that really just ignoring your problems and hope they go away? So when your problems don't go away do you say, "I guess God is trying teach me a lesson"? Of course you do, because 7/12ths of christianity is making excuses.

OK, so that's the cliche that most gets on my nerves. Does anyone have any religious cliches that irritates the piss out of them?

Quick note: I realize that I'm not the sharpest tool in the knife drawer. I just thought you should know that I know that I am not. The sharpest tool. In the knife drawer.

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I don't like I'll pray for you, because when I get it, it's oh wow, you aren't christian well, i'll pray for you to see the light. That saying often has an arrogant essence to it
'someone must be looking out for me' (god or guardian angel) when there is a car accident. A coworker said this when he totalled the family van on ice a few weeks ago. The wife and baby have scrapes and bruises but nothing wrong with him. No, it's physics and car manufacturer safety design that was 'looking out for you.'.
If god/guardian angels are watching over people, why have ANY car accidents? They're not doing a good job "guarding" believers any more than the rest of us. Aren't there little idols of a particular saint that people can put in their cars for this sort of thing? ha ha (If they were proven to work, I'd hang a scented saint car freshener off my rear view mirror...but I don't think science has put them to the test yet...Consumer Reports could try!)
There was a building in town that had a extra large message painted on the side,
"Why Worry When You Can Pray?"
I wonder if the IRS is listening to my prayers?
Somehow, I doubt religion is going to do my homework for me. >.X
What irks me is like the recent plane accident where one boy survives..It's a "miracle"..Wonder how the families of all the people who died feel?

I hate how that word is batted around in the news.
I was in a 80 mph wreck where I spun around a bunch and rolled. I broke my neck in the meantime. When my grandma came to the hospital she said she was so glad God saved my life. My response: "why didn't he save my neck? I'm thanking mazda for this one."
A popular poster or sign that many of my coworkers have at their desk is 'give your worries to god'. That's right, just brush the problems under the rug b/c some invisible man is going to handle your life's responsibilities for you.
There was a spinal menigitis breakout in a town in my state at an elementary school. 2 children died and one boy is still in out of state childrens hospital. This boy had his arm and legs amputated and has no blood circulation in part of his face. People posted on the online newspaper article 'poor little boy lost his arms and legs' that this was god's plan and may angels will whisper in his ears. One poster said it wasn't fair to subject the boy to this (life of forever being dependent on caretakers) and should of been let go (that is if the boy is actually on life support). Boy did people flip out on that poster. Some said the little boy (he's under 8 yrs old) has lived more life than the poster. What? The poster is an adult and has more memories than this little boy.
What pisses me off more are sayings like "Praise God", or "God has really blessed you" said when something happens good in my life that I earned through hard work. It really sucks, and cheapens my successes in life, and the hard work that I had to put forth to get that successes. I have had fights with parents about how I hate them saying this shit.
I like when people get away with talking about how great they are and generally being full of themselves by saying "God worked through me". I knew a religious musician who said something like that. I don't know if that's supposed to sound more humble by giving god the credit, but actually it's even worse, because 1. it gives you a chance to go on and on even more about yourself and 2. oh, you think you're channeling God now??
The one that says everything no matter the situation. It must be gods will.




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