I heard them all as a christian, and probably spouted off a few, but as an atheist those christian cliches have really started to bug me. Not like a mosquito bite on the back of your neck where no matter how much you scratch, it itches, but then after a bit it starts to bleed, but more like an annoying song that gets stuck in your head and the only way to get rid of it is by the sweet release of death.

"Let go and let God"
Really? Let god do what, exactly? Everything? Shit you're to lazy to do? I guess this probably has to do with letting go of problems and letting god take care of them, but isn't that really just ignoring your problems and hope they go away? So when your problems don't go away do you say, "I guess God is trying teach me a lesson"? Of course you do, because 7/12ths of christianity is making excuses.

OK, so that's the cliche that most gets on my nerves. Does anyone have any religious cliches that irritates the piss out of them?

Quick note: I realize that I'm not the sharpest tool in the knife drawer. I just thought you should know that I know that I am not. The sharpest tool. In the knife drawer.

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Well, you know that those people clearly did not believe in and trust God since they went and committed such a sin against the self. >.X
Related: "When something bad happens it's because God prevented something worse from happening".
yeah my quadriplegia attracts this cliche very well
On a related note, that one country song about telling Jesus to take the wheel equally irritates me as let go and let god irritates you. Similar idea, similar ridiculousness. Or when you go to a religious funeral and the priest spends more time talking about accepting Jesus than the person who died. I'm paranoid my religious family might make that mistake if I died prematurely. Be kinda funny, though, if the priest decides to tell everyone that I'm in Hell.

I can't think of any particular cliches at the moment. I kind of roll my eyes at any of them about how God giveth and taketh and knows best and isn't responsible, yadda yadda.
I didn't care much at my dad's mother's funeral because his side of the family never had time for us. I was more irritated at how they talked about how much love this woman had for everyone. Yeah, everyone who wasn't Mexican, apparently.
I've been to funerals that were just a God commercial. They're very insulting.
So have I..VERY insulting,as in:"We are not here to honor Mark,we are here to worship the lord!"

Hey piss head,we WERE there to honor Mark.

I hate the most:"You need to pray harder." "God is taking care of *dead friend killed in a car accident* God has given so and so an important job in heaven...It just never ends.
Now I have the f'in song stuck in my head. Thanks. >.X
you know you like it :D
its a good song.
No, no, it's not. It's one of the many songs that is why I no longer listen to country any more. >.X
I would suggest you to write a testament requesting your body to be recycled and used as fertilizer. No need to waste precious natural resources on costly and environmentally damaging funerals.




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