I heard them all as a christian, and probably spouted off a few, but as an atheist those christian cliches have really started to bug me. Not like a mosquito bite on the back of your neck where no matter how much you scratch, it itches, but then after a bit it starts to bleed, but more like an annoying song that gets stuck in your head and the only way to get rid of it is by the sweet release of death.

"Let go and let God"
Really? Let god do what, exactly? Everything? Shit you're to lazy to do? I guess this probably has to do with letting go of problems and letting god take care of them, but isn't that really just ignoring your problems and hope they go away? So when your problems don't go away do you say, "I guess God is trying teach me a lesson"? Of course you do, because 7/12ths of christianity is making excuses.

OK, so that's the cliche that most gets on my nerves. Does anyone have any religious cliches that irritates the piss out of them?

Quick note: I realize that I'm not the sharpest tool in the knife drawer. I just thought you should know that I know that I am not. The sharpest tool. In the knife drawer.

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"Love the Sinner-Hate the Sin"

Really? Cause sin happens all by itself? in a vacuum? This sort of preening self-righteousness really gets on my tits.
I hadn't thought of that one yet, but that's a biggie. I've heard it a hundred times and it's still stupid.
Love the Sinner-Hate the Sin
Someone or thing must love my ass.
Yeah,I hate that one as well.
Here's another one I thought of while starting another thread: "You just have to have an open mind."
I think they must mean the kind of open mind that results from breaking one's head on a rock.
A mind so open their brains leak out.
Have an open mind toward what they want you to have an "open mind" toward, but nothing else. I remember some big Christian rally in India, some guy was saying he used to be a Hindu and said he'd never become Christian because "he hadn't opened his mind" toward Jesus. Later on in his spiel he talked about how he got saved and he realized the Hindu gods were all devils. Now that's open-minded!
"Give the glory to God"

They think it makes them sound suitably humble when good things happen to them, but they are just saving up for the day when they make some stupid decision that wrecks their family or sends them broke or whatever.

Whereas previously, when good things happened they took no responsibility and "gave the glory to god", now they absolve themselves from all responsibility for their stupid actions as they declare, "It wasn't my fault. It's God's will. He has other plans for me."

Christians - cunning as shit-house rats.
Just saw another one that my classmate posted on facebook and he said he is "still walking by faith and not by sight"! I hear this all the time! I told him I would rather see where I am going!
I think the ultimate is " I want to thank god because without him none of this would be possible"!
I think it's interesting that volcano eruptions like the one crippling European air flights are considered an "act of God"....what does Yahweh have against airplane transportation and international travel??? Why Why?

I guess it's in "God's hands" now. Wait, does a supernatural deity have hands and appendages..."He's got the whole world in his hands, he's got the whole wide world in his hands" etc etc...now I have that annoying song in my brain. There is a kind of humor in thinking of a supernatural being up there just messing around for a sick laugh...."Let's see, what can I do to really screw up humans today??"




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