Iam watching CNN and I heard an interview with a spokesperson for the Libyan rebels and he was asked if the rebels had weapons or if they were on the way and right in step with religious hate he says "god willing weapons are on the way". Really? God willing? It absolutely drives me crazy to hear other wise intelligent people spew crap like this. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I want to scream at them that religion doesn't work, stop doing it!!!!!

I heard an Iraqi man say on TV (he was a goat herder), If two countries go to war, whose side is god on? He said whoever is winning, that is the side that god is on.

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As I understand it, that "god willing" is Muslims explaination for everything. I know that at one point Muslims were responsible for introducing (reintroducing is probably a better term as it originated largely w the Greeks) a lot of scientific knowledge to the west. That was quite some time ago tho, before our enlightenment.

Underfoot has an appropriate video on this matter, but I am unable to find it. But anyway that is an utterly unless model of how reality works as it provides no more ability to predict how things will behave than does random chance.

An example that I particularly am impressed by of how accurate science can be is how they are presently able to send items to points in distant space w an level of accuracy comperably to throwing an item from N.Y.to L.A. and hitting a piece of paper edgewise.
"Inshallah" is part of the Arabic culture.  I suspect it's as much to them as saying, "I hope so," except that it also reflects the ubiquitous quality of islam in Arabic life.  To me, it's also an indicator of just how hard it is going to be to pry the superstition loose from the people who are saturated in it.




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