Perhaps it's just a figure of speech, but each of the Cuomo brothers have said "God willing" when referring to ending the coronavirus. However, like most people, I'm betting they really believe their god has a hand in all of this, somehow, someway. 

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The Cuomo brother of CNN oozes Catholicism. He sports his sporty ashes like a child beaming over his prize frog. Notwithstanding his adherence to superstition he displays a modicum of good sense and above-average intelligence. Just another of the many who dichotomize. 

As to whether he sees his god in this pandemic ..really not sure. Maybe so. Or maybe he credits god the way a deist does except that his god plays an active role in deciding which home to send his immortals. 

I hear you. I too find theism irritating, annoying, agh!




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