Can anyone paraphrase Godel's position in regard to faith as it relates to his other ideas? His grave is ten minutes away in Princeton, he was a contemporary of Einstein, and he knew the math - literally. Yet he even rejected a pantheistic idea in favor of a theistic one that averred prayer (petition) could be effective.

Considering his mathematical prowess, can you explain how such an obviously silly notion as a petitionable supreme being could be defended by him? I am truly interested in hearing (reading) earnest attempts to second guess this great yet misguided thinker.

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Howard, I hadn't thought of balance in that "sense" but you're right.

Our imagination is at the root of our pervasive nonsensical thinking. It takes effort to separate imagination from reality. An effort that many, including the very intelligent and otherwise logical, seem incapable of making. Of course many are clouded by childhood indoctrination. The additional senses people claim are built on credulity.
Ironically, imagination evolved because it allows us to anticipate threat, plan for it, and create other solutions for survival challenges. Many evolutionary scientists now hold that surviving a series of cataclysmic and relatively rapid fluctuations in climate in West Africa resulted in our enormous brain to body mass ratio. The climate ping-ponged back and forth from desert conditions to a giant lake, yet somehow we continually managed to adapt. Imagination was a part of that flexible adaptation - the ability to visualize different scenarios and possible successful responses to them.

But, I think it is correct to say that all you need to arrive at the idea of an afterlife is a survival instinct and an imagination. All you need to arrive at the idea of god is a lack of information and an imagination. And all you need to arrive at the idea of a devil is fear and an imagination. (Notice how closely a lack of information and fear are related to each other.)




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