Godless atheist beer is about to enter the USA!

“Devil’s Brew and the Danish Atheist Society have entered into an unholy alliance, and the result is ‘Godless’ – an ale brewed entirely without superstition. [Godless] is an imperial stout with burnt and sweetish impressions, together with notes of licorice. To exercise social responsibility, Devil’s Brew donates one Danish Crown to the Danish Atheist Society for each bottle sold.”


Hmm... I thought all beers were godless. I've never yet heard of one attending church. Anyway, it'll be available in the US at the end of the month.


More about "Godless" and the company's other beers (including one that kills Santa Claus) here.




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Maybe I'll start drinking beer, lol.
Because I don't have the room to brew enough!
I only rent flats at places that advertise a "room with a brew".
I need this.
I was about to quote our free-thinking founder Ben Franklin on beer ("Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy") but Googled it to get the exact words. Which gave me this page debunking the misquote and provides the real one. Link.
Meh I'll stick to Bud.
Beers beer. Heineken fuck that shit. PABST BLUE RIBBON!
Dude, if you don't care what it tastes like, drink Everclear.
I said I don't care what beer tastes like I didn't say I wanted to drink nothing but rubbing alcohol.
Heineken is wonderful, one of my favorites....I still love my Guiness though :-)
I don't live in the US but I'd buy a few cases just to support the cause! LOL Maybe ship them to my brothers, who do live in the US.
I've been brewing my own beer for 20 years and it has ALWAYS been godless.
In fact, it lacks many other imaginary ingredients as well!




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