The North CarolinaSecular Association launched billboards across the state from the mountains to the sea.  The billboard reads One Nation Indivisible, the press are calling them the godless billboards.  The billboards will be up for about 4 weeks, and over the 4th of July weekend.


I've read quite a few "go away" and "you're going to hell" like e-mails but there has a been a lot of positive e-mails and support.


I'm really excited about the billboards and they look fantastic in person!  It is such a positive message about unity.



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If NCsecular wasn't on there I would never guess a bunch of atheists put it up.
glad to see

It should be noted that organizations based on lame ancient metaphors and special interests get/got their way in U.S. society during stages of national crisis issues... which the mainstream (not media) fabric of society bands together under the machine of our secular network/government; this land is never going to resemble Orthdx Russia nor Orthdx Iran. I've been reading quite a bit and so many dots have been connected in regards to psychotic denominations that are bent on the disestablishment of this nation. Hence who's to say the xtian extremists are not putting all their 'earned in America' money towards nations that do jail gay folks, rape kids, suppress education and try to ban so many modern ways of living... not to mention usually jealous of Hitler; those type of faux-leaders are among us still today.

I embrace adversity within this secular nation which may raise the ire or imagination of those suffering from thin skin. More billboards please.




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