It's happened again. Only 1 week after it was put up, an atheist billboard has been vandalized. This time it happened in North Carolina over the weekend.


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Works for me.
Lol! I'm for a watch tower so when one of those jesus freaks tries to crawl on up and deface free speech a siren sounds, dogs start coming forward, a huge spot light shines on them and a laser dot from a gun (fake just for effect) is positioned on their forehead. After that I dont think you'd see to many more of that defacing any time soon!
All of the billboards I see on my way to work have a smaller sign under them that says 'creative' and has a jesus fish, I'm always so tempted to get some spray paint and put darwin feet on those damn things when I see them. I just can't understand why so many xtians are given a free pass to shove their beliefs down our throats even sometimes in the eyes of the law, or at least the people who are supposed to be enforcing it.
This sort of reminds me of anti abortion rights terrorism and pro-choice people. The former always put butric acid in clinics, bombs, assault patients, or stalk the doctors, patients or other workers but yet pro-choice people have to not react to that provokation. It always seems a little unfair to me because when you dont, people get killed, harassed, shot, assaulted, ect. Its just sick. Its like allowing a bully to hit you and you cant hit back because it would be bad PR on your side? Its like everythings against you and supports the bully and its like they force you to 'turn the other cheek,' when thats degrading and unfair.
The pro life terrorists like the Army of God have gotten away with terror for way too long. I often suspect that law enforcement lets them escape capture. while I hate violence, i recognize that we all have a right to vigorous self defense. And we need to vigorously counter the pro life criminals among us.
Exactly. I read two books on the subject "Lovejoy" by Peter Korn and "Live from the gates of hell" by Jerry Reiter and what doesnt get reported is absolutely infuriating. They have instances of these people going inside staff homes after breaking inside just to be seen and then they escape and are never found. Its meant to intimidate. Its just sick!Now you even have politicians like sharron Angle saying that women shouldnt be able to have abortions in the case of rape and incest because thats interrupting "Gods plan."
We did think about posting people at the billboard but nothing panned out. Those dicks carry guns after all. Some things aren't worth dying for. Besides, we got even more people joining Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics just because of the vandalism. And, the ones who've joined, post-defacement, seem to be more active on our boards than those that joined before. The vandalism brought out the "demons" whoo hoo!!
It's like chess, sometimes. It's just as important to know what pieces to leave in place as it is to know which ones to move in order to win the game.


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