It's happened again. Only 1 week after it was put up, an atheist billboard has been vandalized. This time it happened in North Carolina over the weekend.


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What would be great is if they set up cameras and had maybe a volunteer atheist group watch to catch them. It would also be good if any atheists in the area went and defaced THEIR billboards, churches, ect. Just get a paintball gun.....
According to the NCSA's press release, police are reviewing video from a nearby gas station's video cam. I don't agree with your suggestion though. I'd like to think we're better than that.
Agreed, no need to attack churches for something that some idiots did. BUT, if you found out who did it, it wouldn't hurt to go paint their house. ;)
I dont know. While I see your point I hate not being able to give an 'eye for an eye,' for something like that. I mean the atheists are emphasizing freedom FROM religion while these christians are emphasizing theocracy and discrimination against others of differnt religions and atheists. It seems they are the bullys and if they throw the first punch I think its fair to say you can throw the second. I mean, its just billboards. I've often thought about using a paint ball gun on all these gag inducing signs in Colo Springs where Focus on the Family style oppression and hypocrisy lives. I think it might also potentially be good PR because people might read it and think twice about what all these signs are really saying. In colorado they had something similar witha billboard saying 'atheist, youre not alone,' and they had to take it down because of some christians who felt 'insulted' by it. Dont think its fair were discriminated against when these people are emphasizing theocracy. If we cant have ours why should they have theres?
More and more I believe that Olga has the right idea. Retaliation may be justified. how about defacing some churches with Flying Spaghetti Monster decals?
Take a lesson from the ancient Christians. One of the reasons they won converts was the way they allowed themselves to be martyred in the Roman arena and kept coming back for more; all without trying to retaliate in kind. Eventually people began to wonder what was so powerful about their beliefs that they could do that and began sympathizing rather than despising them.
I think after they took over Europe via war then they recast themselves (once they had taken over) in that sympathetic light more for propoganda/rebirth reasons.
Our local group just put up 5 of these, we will see how long it takes for the kind hearted local cults to attack.
I love how they think that's okay!

It bothers me when any side acts that way. A girl in my math class the other year was saying that her dad's car was keyed over some gay rights thing. And I'm very pro gay-rights, but it's not like I can say vandalism is the answer. I wasn't sure what to say to her. It makes it so easy for the conservative media (ohhh Utah) to criminalize a group by the acts of some.

But at least it's not our side. :)
I had a look at the Yahoo News article, and did my best to keep my dinner down looking at the comments. One particularly struck me, as it spoke of atheists being their (christers') responsibility, I presume in the matter of bringing us godless heathens to the light. I also noted that, in less than two hours' time, that story has drawn over 7,500 comments, and an unfortunate number of such comments coming from rather full-of-themselves christers applauding the vandals and bemoaning the fact that atheists exist at all.

I have no problem "keeping the high ground" as regards any form of retribution ... but I also have no problem with surveillance with an eye toward catching any future actions taken against our right to express ourselves. This is no time to turn the other cheek, so to speak....
And dont you just like how so many of them PUT EVERYTHING IN CAPS TO EMPHASIZE HOW FULL OF CHRIST (crap) THEY ARE!!!
Let's just better design the sign's defenses, barbed wire, electrification, squirrel cage, etc. Also, quick, let's paint over the vandalized part.




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