Beltway Atheists is looking for people in the DC metro area to form a softball team, prolly to start in fall season. We've been named the Godless Heathens.
Also need cheerleaders. Team motto: "We haven't got a prayer."
Anyone know a better place to post this on the Nexus to get a wider notice out?

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Hi Nate,

This is the "Introductions" discussion area. You might get more response if you post it in the Water Cooler category, as well as "Beltway Atheists", and also your Atheist Nexus online journal.

P.S. The team motto is a hoot! Also, if you want to make tags like "dc metro area", just put quotation marks around the entire phrase. Otherwise, you end up with things like "area" as a tag.
Did you move it for me? I see it's in the Water Cooler area now.
No responses (yet).
You're welcome.

No, I didn't move it. Atheist Nexus moves in mysterious ways.
And I couldnt find the online journal link. where's that?
Mouse over "Blogs" in the dropdown toolbar.

When the drop-down menu appears, mouse down to "Add Blog Post".

If you need any more help, feel free to ask.
I love the motto. That's classic. Someone should start a team of Pastafarians (Flying Spaghetti Monster believers). Their uniforms could be pirate outfits. :D




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