Godless Millenials May Chart the Course for Ending Far Right Religiousity

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It will open your eyes, strengthen your courage, and guide you like a compass toward a life worth living.

Gad, what a load of horse manure! Far more likely it'll teach you how to be privileged, paternalistic and homophobic, depending on what parts of it you read. Instead of being humbled by the vastness of the universe, he'll arrogantly assert that his book has All The Answers! with no need for anything else. And as for having a "life worth living," his purpose will be dictated to him by a bunch of first-century goat herders who didn't even know the world was round.

Yeah, swell book, that.

Well, isn't that the problem, Loren. If Christianity's Buy Bull "has all of the answers," people are told, in effect, quit asking questions. This is the most insidious of all religious ideas, for without asking questions, no Copernicus, no Galileo, no Newton, no Darwin, &c. Freethinkers -- reasonable people -- question everything. The Buy Bull thumpers want progress to stop, want to freeze us in a 4th century mentality (post-Nicea), want us to obey God through The Priestnood, which acts as God's intermediary on earth. They want to imprison us in ignorance. They want us mired in fallacy and stuck in a point in time that has no bearing on anything post-Enlightenment.

All true ... though what they want and what they're going to get from us are likely two very different things!

I find this all funny because the far right in religion hates the NIV translation. It's really strange how these people base a belief on a translation of their holy book and even think other translations are "of the devil." The most popular translation remains the King James. Imagine "howeth art thou doeth todayth" and carry that right into a belief system and some Sunday school clown even saying that people back in bible times spoke strange compared to us today.

It's amazing what no education will do.

The Buy Bull was written in koine Greek. There are no punctuation marks. "God is Now Here" could just as easily be "God is Nowhere."

@Bertold, pardon me while I puke.

What a great Bible. I just ordered one. I need some scary bedtime stories for the kids, and 'Damenlutscher' isn't 'cutting it' anymore.

At the same time, a Harvard poll suggests that many of these are disenchanted with the Dems and are likely to vote GOP, perhaps the GOP is picking up a base to replace the fundies.


The far right is irrelevant already. Starbucks even told its share holders who are anti gay marriage to sell their stock. Big business doesn't care what the far right thinks anymore.




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