Fifty two years after I quit Catholicism and chose agnosticism, I was a member of a Toastmasters club when another member, during Tabletopics, asked members to tell of their thoughts about an afterlife.

Maybe six members had responded and he was about to quit when he remarked that no one had said there is no afterlife. "Is anyone here an atheist and want to say anything?" he asked.

I was an agnostic and to myself said, "For half a century no lightning bolts have hit nearby." I thought a moment more, asked myself "Oh hell, why not?") and raised a hand to respond.

I spoke of being okay with knowing I would be a few buried chemicals. I outed myself.

I spoke once on the "Six Kinds of Atheists" study and the members seemed interested. They once elected me the club's president. One very conservative xian member asked me my reason for being an atheist and I told him "If I hadn't gone to Catholic schools for 12 years, I might still believe there's a god." He was okay with that.

What changed for me? In college I first saw fossil evidence of evolution and never doubted its reality. I found Nexus and other atheist websites and have enjoyed reading the posts and adding a few discussions.

If you dropped agnosticism for atheism, did you find any changes necessary?

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And this. In eighty years the Big Bangers have presented no evidence for their ex nihilo hypothesis. There being lots of evidence for electricity in space, I see the BB as a form of religion.

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