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Opponent Gloats As Pullman Sequel Pulled

Source: http://www.thisisoxfordshire.co.uk/news/4804141.Opponent_gloats_as_...

"A RELIGIOUS leader was “positively gloating” last night after it was revealed there would be no film sequel to Oxford author Philip Pullman’s novel, The Golden Compass.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue urged supporters to boycott the 2007 film and campaigned against further adaptations of Mr Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy amid claims the books were “pro-atheist”.

On Wednesday, actor Sam Elliott, who starred in The Golden Compass, said books two and three would not be filmed after a campaign by America’s religious right. "

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You have to ask?!!
I haven't seen The Golden Compass, so I don't know why Christians get all bent out of shape over it. Still, it amazes me that people are so insecure in their religious beliefs that they would boycott a work of fiction and campaign to prevent the sequels from being made.
As an artist, I am more appalled at the movie production company and investors. I realize it costs a great deal to make such a film - but they would make even more now that this has happened. Controversy = free publicity - even in a 'so-called' children's film. You'd probably get a huge percentage of atheists and any anti-censorship crowd to go AND all the theists who either want to know what all the fuss is about, or are 'curious like 'lil ole Pandora.'

It's plain old investor cowardice and short-sightedness.

As P.T. Barnum said: "I don't care what you say about me. Just spell my name right." (or something like that.)
Thanks for the correction and doing the research, proudmumma.

I'm embarrassed that I didn't do that and so appreciate you straightening me out on this issue.

Although I do wonder if he wasn't just making those comments to be tactful.

However, given that he's saying the same thing as the movie companies I suppose we shouldn't be making assumptions here.

So, for that reason I'll close this discussion and people can feel free to make a more informed decision about whether they want to sign the petition or not.




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