Is it POE?  or for real?


This story keeps popping up.  I find it hard to believe.  I want to believe.  It's too silly and too sad for words.



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The goldfish was special .... good grief!!

I am always amazed at the stupidity that comes out of the mouths of believers.

it is a sign!!!


I'm having some saltines right now.  Looking at each one carefully.  So far, no special messages.

You are quite wrong, my friend.  It is a sign from G-D telling you that you are the salt of the earth. 

Ha ha!  I was trying to arrange peanut butter on them in the shape of a cross, but maybe I shouldn't use crunchy.  Looks all wrong.

Thank you VDon (I was going to say VD but that sounds all wrong).  It's so much more clear now.

No no no no!  Although some would say religion can be an std.....

oh no - god is not telling you anything!! No signs in my crackers either.

"What do you think that means?"  I think it means that some people just will reach for ANYTHING.

Beyond stupid.


It's bad enough that this woman thinks she has a sign from her god.  It's even WORSE that this stupid story got NEWS COVERAGE!  I mean was it a slow news day in Melbourne or what?

That always annoys me as well, Loren.  It's just one of the many reasons why I stopped watching television news broadcasts years ago.  There's so much important news that gets shelved in order to give time to ridiculous and inane stories such as this.  But that's a whole other topic to discuss on another thread.  :)

I think this ranks with news coverage of pet tricks and news of the strange.  She seems happy tho.  Bless her heart.




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