Hello all,

I have been an atheist for over thirty years, back when disbelief wasn't cool and social networking involved wired telephones with dials on them.  It is great to see there are others like me.  When I stopped believing, it was five years before I met another atheist who I could talk to.

My web site is http://goinggodless.com where I have posted essays and promote my book: Going Godless: Rediscovering Spirituality in a Material world.  Trust me, it is not about spirits, other than the natural spirit of the self-aware mind.  The inspiration was Michael Shermer's quote a while back about spirituality as a way of being in the world, and that religion is not the only source of spirituality.

If you know of anyone who is having difficulty with the existential crisis of giving up on God, you might want to recommend it.  I wrote it because I couldn't find a good book on the subject (and because I am so dang full of opinions and I love to write).  

I apologize for the shameless promotion, but I really do think the book will help some of us in the atheist community.


Joe Fausnight

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