Just saw this piece on Nightline. These nuts travel to remote places and try to convert people. It's only a matter of time before they run into the wrong bunch and get beheaded or something. They almost did have a problem in the clip. Video clip here > http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/FaithMatters/story?id=6786701&p...

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This has been going on for centuries...Just disgusting.
They certainly wouldn't acknowledge the cultural shift they could be causing.
When they were kidnapped, they started to pray. Well, doesn't God already have a plan? What's prayer for? Prayer is hoping that God will change his plan? It's a contradiction any way you slice it. If prayer isn't supposed to change god's plan, then everyone who was kidnapped and murdered was part of god's plan. If prayer is supposed to change God's plan, well, that's not much of a plan.
I wonder if maybe they have to send their emissaries that far afield in order to find people that won't see them coming from five miles away. Some Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door not too long ago and, though I do try to be cordial to those people (I was a Mormon missionary in a past life -- and I always appreciated a friendly face, even if they didn't want to hear what we were selling, after all day of getting the door slammed in your face) I couldn't stop myself from asking, "Honestly, do you really think there is *anybody* left around here who hasn't either heard of Jesus and accepted him, or heard of Jesus and rejected him -- who is it you think there is left to convert?

I should have expected the response -- apparently, not every church preaches the true word of the "real" Jesus, or something. Apparently, being the wrong flavor of Christian is as bad, if not worse, than being an infidel.

Whatever gets ya through the night, I thought, as I watched them head over to my *much* crankier than me neighbor...




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