I have created (I believe it's pending approval) a Good Book Study Group on this webpage, for the benefit of all the people who have A C Grayling's Good Book: A Humanist Bible and are interested in deepening their knowledge of philosophy and using it as a starting point to engage in philosophical discourse.  I believe it's important for humanists to develop our own wisdom traditions.  It's for this reason that I've founded the Society of Friends of Epicurus.

See thgdbk.com for random quotes about the book.



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I just finished reading the entire Lawgiver book within the Good Book and am very pleased.

Lawgiver is a course in leadership and a complete introduction to the philosophy of leadership and statemanship. It discusses the importance of delegating tasks to trusted people according to their skills, it covers issues of trust, of friendship, of the purpose of laws, and many other important matters. There's a total of 33 chapters, and each has a specific goal or general purpose.

I think Lawgiver might be a useful beginning for an entire wisdom tradition surrounding issues of leadership.

This is my review of the entire Good Book, which I wrote for Society of Friends of Epicurus; I may at some point write a review for the Lawgiver book in specific in the future.

I'll have to check that out.


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