By definition, I suppose I am what many would call a 'newbie'. I officially declared myself godless as of March 2009. Many events led up to this, but I'll spare you my life story and simply say that I am much happier without an invisible tyrannical sky daddy. For the most part, the atheists I have met up to this point have been witty, kind, considerate, and jovial. I hope that I exude many of the same qualities despite my social awkwardness.

I am a 21 year old student entering my third year of post graduate education. I have received a diploma in Legal Assistance, and I'm working towards a Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology/Classics). Anthropology is my passion and I am fascinated by evolution.

Other passions of mine include singing, dancing, playing guitar/keys, drawing, blogging (or writing in general), reading, and RUNNING. Running is in allcaps, because I am a little obsessed with running.

I hope that I provided an adequate amount of information. If not, please ask me questions. I'm quite fond of questions.


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Welcome Andrea!
Thank you for the warm welcome!
Welcome Andrea!

Feel free to vent or tell your story if or when you find it cathartic. Please make yourself at home and find a group/topic your interested or start one.

I'll also say it was nice of you to include an ass shot for all the singles (and the rest of those of the female persuasion).
I'm sure I'll tell the full story at some point in time. I find that writing prose is a time consuming activity for me, as I'm a bit verbose. I can type over 60 wpm, but I still can't manage to complete a story--mostly due to procrastination. Such is life, I suppose. I am trying to find a topic to which I could contribute, but I feel a bit intimidated by you eloquent folk.

You're welcome (to all the singles)! I didn't even realize that's how it turned out until I put it on my computer. I was going to edit it--but why waste a gratuitous ass shot? ;)
hey! sooooo how is school?
It hasn't started yet, but I can imagine I will be busy for the next 8 months.
I hear you that writing is time consuming. I'm never happy with my syntax structure so I'll end up editing the hell out of my posts, hit Add Reply, then notice I destroyed the grammar in the process. =D
Haha Yes, that sounds familiar... I was raised learning two languages at the same time, so I have to watch for 'Frenchisms' in my writing. xD
Welcome to A|N Andrea, always nice to see another Canuck join up, as well as seeing one from my home town.




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