How many days and nights are there between Friday Afternoon and Sunday Morning?

Clearly, even if you count Friday and Sunday as days, there are only two nights. According to the prophecy, the messiah would lie in the earth for three days and three nights as Jonah did in the belly of the fish (stop giggling - it's a quiz.)

So - here's the question:

Did the Catholic Church move the crucifixation ... uh, I mean crucifiction ... uh, crucifixion to Friday to deprive the faithful of a four day weekend or is God just not very good at math?

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Cheezwiz ... yeah ... is my friend. In the jar or in the can. Cheezwiz is just alright with me, Cheezwiz is just alright oh yeah! Cheezwiz is just alright with me, Cheezwiz is just alright oooowhooaaawhoooaaawhooaa baby. (If you're too young to remember the Doobie Brothers, then that just made no sense at all.)
Satan eats Cheezwhiz according to Weird Al. >.>
They moved it to Friday so they could have the weekend for their pedophilia
It should be called theist math. Its as illogical as theism itself. 4.6 billion years = 10,000 years. 3 nights = 2 nights. Rest on the seventh day, ok, the first day it is then!




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