Jen McCreight, a blogger who describes herself as "a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist feminist trapped in Indiana," has never been a fan of Barbie dolls, yet she was moved to action when she discovered that someone has created an Episcopal Priest Barbie. The Reverend Barbie doll, created by Julie Blake Fisher, an Episcopal priest in Kent, Ohio, has her own Facebook page and comes dressed in the latest trends in clergy-wear.
"Man," wrote Jen in her Blag Hag blog, "why should religious people get to have all the fun? I want an atheist Barbie!" And so (with tongue stuck firmly in cheek) she made one. (more, including pictures, here)

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Atheist Barbie Mmmmm.
If she put on fifteen pounds, she'd look like a human being instead of having the waistline of a concentration camp victim.
Considering she's, what? Thirteen inches high? Fifteen pounds would be awfully obese. >.>
Om nom nom, fetus for dinner.
I love it! I actually don't hate Barbie, particularly since the invention of the Bratz dolls.

I mean really, this girl has been a doctor, a dentist, a mermaid, a great big sister, and she's secured a steady boyfriend who gives her space and doesn't stifle the life from her. And yes, she's abnormally beautiful... but... um.. well. We can't hate her because she's beautiful. It's not as if she's in our 3rd period class.

The Bratz meanwhile... Have done nothing. They've exaggerated "positive" physical qualities to the point of sickness, and still wear a pound of makeup-- calling it beauty and popularity, where Barbie is fairly simple (a naturally perfect beauty), and has never cared what anyone else thinks. The Bratz have no careers, no ambitions, and no future.

And that concludes my summary on why the Bratz are Xians.

Does Ken know about her "no pants" policy?
He respects her decision to assert her pantslessosity.
Ken has a no dick policy - poor Ken.
Hey - aren't those the same glasses that Heather wears?
This is one of my rotating desktop photos. I love it.
I kinda want one!
Ok to be honest what I really want is one of each
- to pose in Lesbotastic situations to create blasphemous barbie porn ...
Sigh! it had to come out sometime ...




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